Time to turn your
Work From Anywhere
dreams into reality.

Time to turn your Work From Anywhere
dreams into reality.

We help you figure out your taxes when you work overseas so that you can sit back and enjoy the freedom of being a corporate nomad.

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Need help figuring out your personal taxes?

Personal tax advisory

Understand the tax implications of working across multiple countries. Know your obligations and get help with filing so that you remain compliant.


Consultation call - from $189

Let’s start with a 30 minute video call with you where we analyze your situation and answer any questions you may have. Costs vary depending on countries involved.

Tax filing - from $479

File your annual tax returns without the hassle. Costs may vary according to the complexity of your case.

What's your dream destination?

Country tax comparison

We help you cherry pick which countries allow you to keep more of your hard earned cash to save you thousands in taxes each year.

Quickly know how much tax you'll pay and compare country by:

- take home %
- residency triggers
- wealth and capital gains tax
- visa options
- cost of living
- wi-fi speed & safety
- other considerations like crypto

From as little as $75 per country

How are you getting there?

Immigration services to
enable Work From Anywhere

Once you've selected the country you want to travel to, our local lawyers can take the hassle out of the immigration process.

Overcome immigration hurdles and easily file your taxes once you've relocated so that you don't have to sweat the small stuff.

Help completing the paperwork

Defining Work From Anywhere

Stress free tax filing when you
Work From Anywhere

Unsure of the filing regulations at your destination? Let us help you stay compliant and file your income tax returns.

Disrupting the belief that the only certainties in life are...
death and taxes!*

Disrupting the belief that the only certainties in life are...death and taxes!*

* while we’re not offering immortality, we can help you on the tax side 😉

Free tools

Work From Anywhere Tax Risk Map

Tax residency
risk map

Spent time working overseas and think you may have triggered tax residency implications?

Use our remote work tax risk map to check where is the safe place to go and for how long.

Digital nomad visas

Find out which countries offer tax advantageous visas to allow you to move there and work remotely.

There is huge competition with new countries announcing visas every other month to attract corporate nomads.

Digital Nomad Visas for Greece