In the News: Ireland Invests $10 Million to Draw Remote Workers Away From Its Cities

The Work From Anywhere Team featured heavily in Skift’s latest Future of Work article “Ireland Invests $10 Million to Draw Remote Workers Away From Its Cities”.

In the article (which you can access as a Skift Pro subscriber here), the author Matthew Parsons investigates the latest investment announcement in Ireland advancing the remote work agenda in Ireland as a basis to drive regeneration in rural areas.

A few quotes featuring our Co-Founder, John Lee:

“The Connected Hubs initiative is very welcome, especially when you consider that during the last financial crisis a lot of young people either emigrated abroad or moved from rural towns to bigger cities like Dublin,” said John Lee, Co-Founder of consultancy The Work From Anywhere Team, and based in Limerick, Ireland.

“With the trend towards remote work, a share of the employees working in the large technology companies in Dublin are going to look to relocate to their home countries. Especially if the tax rate is lower there, which in most cases it will be,” Lee said.

“It’s going to be politically tricky to offer lower income tax digital nomad visas like you have in some other countries, such as Croatia and Aruba. Many of the countries offering these visas have a high share of their economy in tourism, whereas in Ireland it’s only around 6 percent. So there isn’t the same pressure to quickly implement digital nomad visas here,” he added.


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