The New Nomad Podcast

In the News: The New Nomad Podcast

John recently caught up with Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski on their The New Nomad podcast where they discussed the risks and rewards for people planning to start a remote work life. From duty of care and taxation to the benefits in bringing children on the journey.

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About Abroad Podcast

In the News: About Abroad Podcast

John recently caught up with Chase Warrington on his About Abroad podcast where they discussed their shared love of culture and travel, living abroad with kids, and the education one receives from spending time immersed in another country.

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The Economist The Intelligence Podcast

In the News: The Economist Podcast – “The Amazon of tax advice”

Thank you to Avantika Chilkoti and all the team at The Economist for featuring The Work From Anywhere Team in The Intelligence podcast.
During this discussion, Avantika talks about how Europe is a great place for digital nomads. Avantika points out that visa and tax rules are the biggest barrier for people wishing to adopt this lifestyle.

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John Lee Quote Skift Work From Anywhere

In the News: Skift Future of Work

Our Work From Home Webinar Series featured yet again as part of Skift’s Future of Work article titled “Families Able to Unlock Travel for Remote Work Through Virtual School Networks” by Matthew Parsons.

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Skift’s Future of Work

In the News: Skift

The Work From Anywhere series recently featured in Skift’s article “Companies Face Challenge of Inclusivity on Travel for Remote Workers”

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Remote Work And The Inversion Of The Work Pyramid

Remote Work And The Inversion Of The Work Pyramid

Many CEOs watched in horror as companies from Apple to Google and many more top tier technology companies saw their employees push back significantly against their CEOs, in many cases causing a significant reversal to earlier return to office mandates.

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Work From Anywhere Compliance Framework

The Work From Anywhere Myth

We have all been there.

Stressed out, at breaking point, in the middle of a pandemic.  We’re working from home, trying to juggle the impossibilities of work, home and everything in between, and life seems impossible.

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